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Frequently asked questions about SafetyHow

1. What is SafetyHow?

SafetyHow is an Internet Community on and about Safety, harnessing the extraordinary power of the Internet as a Social Computing Platform. SafetyHow is the Internet Site for information, data, news, updates and almost everything about Safety and Health.

2. What is SafetyHow for?

It is a Social Computing Platform developed to become one of the virtual partners in cyberspace of the EHSS Intelligent Safety Management Solution.

3. Who created SafetyHow?

Rethink Safety Limited, the IT-driven Risk Management firm of The Safety Center Group of Companies, owns and develops SafetyHow.

4. What can SafetyHow do?

SafetyHow facilitates collective action and social interaction online with rich exchange of multimedia information and evolution of aggregate knowledge specifically, on Safety and Health.

5. How is SafetyHow available?

SafetyHow is available online via the Internet and it is FREE!

6. What activities can be done in the SafetyHow website?

In SafetyHow, you can do the following activities in these corresponding sections:

1) Articles - write, edit, view, request and answer a request for an article; you can also download articles;

2) Q&A - post a question and give reply to a question by another member as well as view past questions and answers; and

3) Profile - post professional and personal information.

7. How can I avail of the different activities in SafetyHow?

One could go to the SafetyHow website, sign-up and create an account in the sign-up page in order to experience all the useful activities. A username and a password are all that is needed to sign-up. All of these are for FREE!

8. How do I access SafetyHow?

By going to the website address you can access the SafetyHow community. You can either log in, if you have a SafetyHow Account, or browse through all the articles in the website and print them as well as post questions anonymously, if you do not have yet an account. Using a PC with any Web browser - Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, for example, you can access the SafetyHow website. Likewise, it could be accessed with any Android Smartphone or the Apple iPhone.

9. Where can I find the list of my requested article?

If you are logged in, you can see the list of all requested articles in the Answer a Request page under the Articles section.

10. Where can I find the list of my posted questions?

In the Q&A section, click the Questions tabs to see the list of all questions. Further, these questions can be viewed according to these categories by clicking the appropriate tabs: Recent, Hot, Most votes, Most answers, and Most views.

11. Can I choose a specific author from the community to write an article for me?

Request to a specific member to write an article could be coursed through directly to that member, via a personal message for example.

12. What about for my question, can I choose a specific member to answer it for me?

Similar with the request for an article, you can directly send a message to a particular member asking to answer the question that you posted in the Q&A section.

13. If no one from the community answers my request for an article, will the website administrator of SafetyHow provide an answer for my request?

We, at SafetyHow, tries to offer the best possible and most complete information on Safety and Health, including answers to requested articles and questions. Should there be no response from the community to an article request or to a question, SafetyHow will try its best to provide one.

14. Is SafetyHow particularly for the Philippine setting only?

Such is definitely not the case. Safety and Health concerns are global in nature. What is true in safety procedure in Japan or Germany, for example, is very much valid anywhere else in the world. Besides, the standards for Safety and Health are recognized and adhered to internationally; hence, the data and information in SafetyHow are likewise international inherently.

15. Will schedule of events on safety and health be available in SafetyHow?

In the SafetyHow website, announcement of upcoming events and activities on Safety and Health will be posted and updated regularly for everybody's information. Members could also post an event in their Profile page and set who will be able to view their posting.

16. How much will the posting of events or activities in SafetyHow cost?

Event or activity posting in SafetyHow could be done in one's Profile page. Membership in SafetyHow is definitely free and posting is absolutely at no cost also.

This FAQs is intended to provide brief response to the general queries about SafetyHow, the Social Computing Platform of Rethink Safety Limited. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.