Improving workplace health & safety through collaboration


An interest-based Internet Community on and about Safety, SafetyHow is a Social Computing Platform developed to become one of the virtual partners in cyberspace of the EHSS Intelligent Safety Management Solution. Owned and developed by Rethink Safety Limited, SafetyHow harnesses the extraordinary power of the Internet to operate a Social Computing Platform in the Safety and Health domain. Our target is to facilitate collective action and social interaction online through rich exchange of multimedia information and evolution of aggregate knowledge, specifically on Safety and Health. Collaboration has never been as easy.

This collaboration can be availed of freely in SafetyHow. The articles posted on the site can be downloaded free of charge. Furthermore, more privileges can be gained by signing up and creating an account.Membership in SafetyHow is absolutely FREE!

In SafetyHow, members canjoin a wide gamut of activities from social to educational,from personal to professional, and a whole lot more interesting activities possible in an Internet Community Site. Members can put their personal and professional information in their personal Profile section. They can connect with other safety people in the Safety Community in the Messages part of the Profile section to exchange information and data. In the Q&A module, members can throw questions to the entire community and get responses. They can also put up questions anonymously to safeguard the identity and integrity of all concerned. Interestingly enough, SafetyHow allows members to write, edit, view, and request articles that cater to their interest and needs as well as to answer requests for articles. Members can do exactly these things in the Articles section. Editing protocol applies, such that changes in an edited article can be accepted or further refined by the members. All of these activities clearly illustrate the collaborative nature of SafetyHow.

Along the way and in between these different modules in SafetyHow are features that will enable the members to discuss articles, questions, and topics; and to rate articles and answers defining the celebrity status of a member who wrote the best chosen articles and/or answers. This rating, voting, and discussion features in SafetyHow make the site more interactively appealing to the community.

A member-user ofSafetyHow can upload seamlessly to the Content Manager module of the EHSS platform any article found on the site. Thus, the EHSS account of a company or organization can be kept updated with information on Safety and Health coming from the SafetyHow site. And since the SafetyHow Community is a free Internet site, uploading of files to the Content Manager module of the EHSS is likewise free.

Thus, utilizing the power of collaboration, we take the lead in providing a complete Social Computing Platform for Safety and Health in the form of SafetyHow.