“A SafetyHow Exclusive FOREVER AVAILABLE Course: Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential” (Online Safety Lecture/Learning with E-Certificate Issued for only *PHP299.00 -- *applicable of discounts and perks!)

Author/Publisher: Safetyhow Admin
Date Posted: February 13, 2023

      Rethink I.T., Inc. – Leader in Management Software Solutions through the aid of our Online Safety and Social Collaboration Platform ‘www.safetyhow.com’ presents, “A SafetyHow Exclusive FOREVER AVAILABLE Course: Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential” online webinar/lecture.

 A Recorded webinar of our recently concluded Lecture last October 26, 2022 conducted by Engr. Joanne S. Dionela, ChE, AMIChemE, OSH Consultant and with the expertise of IT Professional and Lead Software Engineer, Daryl S. Bernardo. The lecture aims to discover the disruptive potential of technology and the capabilities of the physical workforce put together and what advancements it can contribute to the practice of Occupational Safety and Health Management.

For only *PHP299.00, You can access the video and take the knowledge assessment online and get certified. This is readily available for all interested participants to join and learn from starting February 13, 2023 onwards. (*Discounted from original price of PHP1,499.00)

So, if you were not able to join LIVE, you can still catch-up and get yourself certified!

Issued E-Certificates to all participants who signed-up for the course and have passed the knowledge assessment will be signed by our OSH Consultant and is credited as an additional Safety Training for your credentials.

But wait! – There’s more:


Participants are entitled to discounts and perks that they can apply upon pre-payment of their training as long as: they provide required documents together with their payment confirmation. (Sent via email: inquiry@safetyhow.com)

1.    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – Instead of paying PHP299.00, participant will need to only pay PHP 199.00


Interested participants can avail this discount should they enroll and pay early. (Particular Date of Discount: FEBRUARY 13-19, 2023, any payment made beyond said date duration is not entitled to the discount anymore which means participant will pay the price of PHP299.00 (full price.)


2.    STUDENT/FRESH GRAD DISCOUNT – Instead of paying PHP299.00, participant will need to only pay PHP 185.00

Interested participants can avail this discount should they enroll and present their VALID SCHOOL ID's or NEWLY RECEIVED DIPLOMAS. Fresh Graduates and Currently Enrolled Students can avail this discount and enroll in this course thus giving them additional credits they can use for their CV, Credentials or Resume due to the E-Certificate Issued upon completion.

Failure to show copies/screenshots of their School ID's, Diplomas or Transcripts is not entitled to the discount anymore which means participant will pay the PHP299.00 (full price.)

3.     Interested participants are entitled to get +3 BONUS/SURE BALL POINTS in their overall assessment points by sharing/reposting via their social media accounts (any platform) our campaign. (Facebook / LinkedIN, etc.)


4.    Interested participants are also entitled to get another +2 BONUS/SURE BALL POINTS in their overall assessment points by subscribing to our YouTube channel: Rethink I.T. and following our LinkedIn and Facebook Page: Rethink Safety.



1.     Interested participants need to register/create an account via SafetyHow. Their active accounts will serve as their entry ticket in joining the campaign. (visit www.safetyhow.com/register) (existing members may skip this requirement and proceed with payment accordingly)

2.     After registration, Participants can now transfer payment via GCASH or BANK TRANSFER to official account of Rethink I.T., Inc. (See Instructions for payment process and requirements)

3.     Upon completion of your registration and verification of payment received, our team will reach out to you via your SafetyHow Account Inbox/Profile Messages to give you all the links (Official YouTube Video and Knowledge Assessment) you need to proceed with the said online course.

4.     Receipt or Confirmation of payment will be required to show to admin through inquiry@safetyhow.com with the subject: “Proof of Payment” with their Full name and their SafetyHow Account name as the body and the attached document before they will be sent the official exam link and YouTube video through their SafetyHow account message inbox.

Here is an example below:

Subject: Proof of Payment, Juan Dela Cruz

Message/Body: SafetyHow Account: Juan Dela Cruz, OSH

(1.) Insert image of payment confirmation here (2.) Include the CONFIRMATION NUMBER of the payment in the email. )

If you are planning to pay and enroll on the said dates of: FEBRUARY 13-19, 2023, you may go on ahead and pay or transfer the discounted amount directly (PHP199.00) so that no reimbursements or refunds to your account is needed anymore.

5.     An Official request can be made once an official receipt is needed through our accounting personnel and Account Representative TOGETHER via their email details below:




*should the interested participant be requesting an official receipt named under their company, the TIN NUMBER of their business/organization must be provided for our accounting personnel’s reference and to be able to have it reflected in the OR issued accordingly.


1.     Below is the OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS of RETHINK I.T., Inc. for your payments:

BDO ACCOUNT NAME and NUMBER: RETHINK IT INC / 011048002235                       

GCASH ACCOUNT and NUMBER: Bianca Mangansakan/ 0908 812 0499

2.    Screenshots or attachments of Social media reposting or sharing of campaign and YouTube Channel subscription, Facebook and LinkedIn Page follow is needed to send BEFORE taking the exam to be able to apply the bonus points early for interested participants via inquiry@safetyhow.com. Full Name and Safetyhow Account name is needed as the body of the email along with the attachments/documents required.

Here is an example below:

Subject: Bonus Points, Juan Dela Cruz

Message/Body: SafetyHow Account: Juan Dela Cruz, OSH

(Insert image of YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn subscription/Follow here, reposting or sharing of campaign course post)






1.     The Lecture video that will be based from the Online Exam is uploaded and also readily available in our official YouTube Channel: Rethink I.T. entitled “Webinar Series: Rethink Safety and Technology’s Disruptive Potential”. However, all instructions and additional notes will all be sent to you personally via your SafetyHow Accounts.

2.     After viewing the lecture, they can now take the designated exam. Official Exam has no limit for trials and is one-time payment only. Should participant retake the exam because they did not pass the first time, there is no need to pay again to retake the same assessment.



3.  Once finished and passed (Passing score: 16/20), Participant will have to fill up required fields in “Contact us Form” section in our official website (www.rethinkit.net) with Message Tag: ‘CERTIFICATION for Online Exam’ so that admin can process E-Cert officially. (This will prevent us as well from double issuance of E-Certificates and retain the correct spelling for the Names and title.)

4.  The link for this required form will be sent to the participant once we receive their accomplished exam form.

5.  All information input in fields of CONTACT US Form will be used in making the E-Cert. Thus, Participants are highly encouraged to put all the correct details in the form as this will be reflected on the Certificate. (i.e. Full Name, Title (if any), etc.) Also their active email so that the E-Cert can be sent seamlessly to the participant.

6. E-Cert will be sent to participant by admin with affixed sign of OSH Consultant via email.





2.     THIS COURSE IS FOREVER AVAILABLE TO THE PARTICIPANT THAT HAS PAID FOR THE SAID LECTURE. Unlimited access to the lecture video and unlimited trials for the knowledge assessment until enrollee has passed to get the signed E-Certificate – ALL FOR ONE PAYMENT TRANSACTION ONLY.

3.     Discounted Price of PHP199.00 for the Webinar Course only applies/runs through FEBRUARY 13-19, 2023. Beyond said dates, full and original price of PHP299.00 will apply.

4.     Unauthorized sharing of exam link without having to officially register their entries and provide payments to our campaign will have sanctions and is considered a violation of Rethink I.T., Inc. and www.safetyhow.com ‘ s privacy, copyright and confidentiality and will not be honored accordingly.

5.     DOUBLE ISSUANCE OF DISCOUNTS ARE NOT APPLICABLE. In cases where the early bird participant is a fresh graduate, automatically the higher discount offered will automatically be applied to the final payment.

6.     Unauthorized use of the webinar/lecture video for informative/educational purposes needed in seminars, conferences, corporate events, etc. will be sanctioned. Proper credit and acknowledgement from the owner is needed before doing so.

7.     Please transact payments only to official accounts (GCASH and BANK ACCOUNTS) of our company. Rethink I.T., Inc. and the management is not responsible for any accidental payments in need of refunds made by participant to other/hoax/fake accounts that is not in any way affiliated to our company, brand and products.

8.     Official Receipt via our accounting office will be issued to all payments made once processed and verified via email and through an email request directly to our accounting personnel.

9.     NO PAYMENT CONFIRMATION, NO EXAM, NO ECERT. Participants will need to send a screenshot of the payment confirmation they have made alongside their name and SafetyHow account name. They can email it via inquiry@safetyhow.com.

10.  NO ATTACHMENT OF REQUIRED DOCS FOR DISCOUNT APPLICATIONS AND BONUS POINTS, NO APPLICATION OF SAID DISCOUNTS and BONUS POINTS TO PARTICIPANT. (Screenshot of social media re-posting or sharing, subscription to YT Channel and following the LinkedIn page for bonus points. Also the proof of advanced Payment confirmation for early bird discount availing.)

11.  Sharing of campaign to social media platforms for application of bonus points to exam score is single application only and not multiple. Whether you have shared this campaign to multiple accounts, participant’s bonus points will only be applied one-time.

12.  Filling up the “CONTACT US FORM” in our official website (www.rethinkit.net) will be the admin’s official source of details needed to put in the participant’s E-certificate. I.e., Full Name, Title (if any). We encourage participants to consider this carefully and check all spelling errors and be sure of all details here.

13.  E-Certificate will be sent to participant who has completed and passed the exam via their provided email address in the “CONTACT US FORM” in our website.

14.  Price of Online Exam may vary (increase in pricing) without prior notice should campaign comes to a close while still being readily available and accessible once interested participant decides to join beyond official closed date.

15.  Existing members of our SafetyHow Online Community that were not able to join the first time and is only applying now for this course/campaign, is still subject to the charges set since this is the second time that we will be issuing an E-Certificate for the same webinar signed by an OSH Consultant.

16.  Members that have attended the LIVE WEBINAR and is an existing member of SafetyHow that is still interested in joining this campaign will again be subject to the charges set due to the same reason prior this statement.

17.  All instructions and directions for the campaign will be sent to all interested participants via their SafetyHow Account Messages. Kindly be sure that an existing/active/registered account is made through https://safetyhow.com/register so you can be updated.

18.  Delays/Late replies from the Admin or Staff in charge of this campaign or online event may be foreseen and can happen due to circumstances we cannot control such as technical errors/glitches in computer units, faulty internet connections, and signal deprived locations due to the hybrid work set up of our staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding with regards to these matters. Rest assured our representatives will get back to you as soon as these hurdles are resolved. We highly suggest consulting with any of our representatives or staff within the ideal work schedule/days/hours such as: MON-FRI 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. Weekends/Holidays are also observed by management and all inquiries and follow-up concerns will be addressed when operations within the said office hours resume.

19.  PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If participant decides to cancel or request a refund after payment is processed and received, he/she is not eligible. This promotional campaign we have organized is non cancellable and non refundable.